New choices of organic biofertilizer, microorganisms and agricultural materials.

To achieve organic or non-toxic in agriculture production, we have to improve crop’s immunity against diseases and pests, improve resistance to unfavorable environment, increase productivity, improve crops quality and even overcome continuous cropping obstacles without using any chemical agents. Now, all these requirements are not just an attainable dream for organic farmers or even home gardener! Everyone can make it work, but HOW?!

Nowadays, consumers cares more and more about food safety, health and product quality. Farmers are facing a lot more stringent requirements facing all these changes in market demand. The conventional agriculture practices, which rely heavily on chemical fertilizer and pesticides to ensure crops output and income are now being challenged by growing concern about the impact of chemicals on health related issues. Because of the market trend for organic agriculture continues to grow and farmers are facing more and more frustration and difficulties to reduce the use of chemical products, GeoCare have been continuously conducting researches and field trials for the development of many microorganisms agents, biological fertilizers and plants protection agents. GeoCare also devotes significant efforts in developing organic cultivation model that can help farmers reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizer, while fulfilling the market demand for safe, non-toxic and healthy agriculture products.

GeoCare provides organic agriculture materials, which includes microorganism agents, organic liquid fertilizer, growth promoter, growth regulator/exhibitor, plants protection agents/biological pesticides, biological disease control and more… Although organic agriculture is challenging for most farmers, but through the application of bio-technologies in agriculture, we still can reach the balance point for safety and healthy in agriculture production. Use microorganism and other natural materials wisely, we can effectively resolve soil vitality, pest, disease, continuous cropping obstacles and other growing problems.